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Acorn Group signs NetChannel deal

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The Acorn Group and NetChannel, a developer of Internet services, have agreed to become each other's preferred suppliers of technology and services.

This will help both companies to further expand into the network computing, TV Internet and Internet appliance markets. NetChannel's services will be available in the UK in September. Its Internet appliance, dubbed NetStation, is modeled on a reference design from Acorn.

NetChannel uses the Internet to personalise television channels so viewers can have fun, stay informed, learn, communicate and shop using a television. It can tailor programme channels for each member of the household based on individual preferences. In addition, viewers have access to full Internet functionality.

"NetChannel's approach of providing solutions via the TV adds immense benefit to our position of providing TVCentric technology, which give rock-steady images, clear text and stunning graphics on TV screens," said David Lee, Acorn Group's CEO.

This article first appeared in Electronics Weekly,
Wednesday 13th August 1997