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Oracle Hints at a few more details
on its Oracle Network Computer

Continuing its dance of the seven veils, Oracle Corp gave Reuter a few more details of the prototype of its Internet computer it plans to show within the next 90 days. The Oracle Network Computer will include an ARM 7500 RISC coming from Advanced RISC Machines Ltd, 8Mb memory, a keyboard, mouse and modem, Oracle Internet browser, communications software and basic word processor. It will attach to a television set and enable users to send electronic mail and access services such as banking, shopping and video on demand. An Oracle sketch shows an 8" by 10" motherboard made by Acorn Computer Group Plc, set vertically onto a square base with optional stereo speakers on either side. It has ports for printer, microphone and peripherals such as CD-ROM drive.

By kind permission of Computergram International, Jan 1996