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ARM7 Statistics

The following was posted to the usenet newsgroup comp.sys.acorn on the 27th May 1994

In article <10120@gos.ukc.ac.uk> sal@ukc.ac.uk (Simon Lockhart) writes:
>It's happened again. Acorn has been totally ignored in a report about to
>recent moves towards RISC based personal computing.
> [ deleted ]
>It finishes off with a comparison of the PowerPC 601, and the Pentium, as
>Architecture			64-bit RISC		32-bit CISC
>Age of architecture		3 years			15 to 20 years [1]
>Primary operating system	32-bit [2]		16-bit [3]
>Transistor count		2.8 million		3.1 million
>Core logic transistor count	~1.2 million		~2.3 million
>On-chip cache size		32K			16K
>Die size			118.8mm2		262.4mm2
>Heat dissipation at 66MHz	9W			16W
>  integer at 66MHz		>60 SPECint92		64.5 SPECint92
>  floating point at 66MHz	>80 SPECfp92		56.9 SPECfp92
>Estimated manufacturing cost	$76			$483
>Maximum instructions per cycle	3			2
>General-purpose registers	32 32-bit regs.		8 32-bit regs.
>Floating-point registers	32 64-bits regs.	8 80-bit regs.
>Follow-on processors		PowerPC 603,604,620	P6, P7
>Perhaps someone would like to fill in these figures for an ARM700, and send
>them to the Electronics magazine. I'm fed up with Acorn being ignored.

Okay... (Since I'm not on talking terms with Maplin, I'll post here instead.)

Architecture                   32-bit RISC
Age of architecture            9 years
Primary operating system       RISC OS/Newt OS/3DO/RISC iX/Helios etc. etc.
Transistor count               578977
Core logic transistor count    35610
On-chip cache size             8K
Die size                       68.51mm2
Heat dissipation at 33MHz      611mW
  integer at 33MHz             52050 dhrystone 2.1 (SPECint N/A)
  floating point at 66MHz      Not applicable
Estimated manufacturing cost   $20-40 (very rough estimate)
Maximum instructions per cycle 1
General-purpose registers      15
Floating-point registers       none
Follow-on processors           ARM7xx family, ARM8xx family, ...

The cost-estimate is just that - I have absolutely NO idea what anyone is
going to charge for the ARM700. Floating point is available via. the FPA
series of floating-point accelerators, which offers ~5MFLOPS @ 20MHz with
extremely low power consumption.

For decisive values contact marketing@armltd.co.uk

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