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A 16bit ARM (cont)

This was taken from the newsgroup comp.sys.acorn on 16th June 1994

In article <2to3te$mpb@lyra.csx.cam.ac.uk>, ajb1011@cus.cam.ac.uk (A.J. Bolt) writes:
|> In article <2tmcsf$qe0@sgi.iunet.it>,
|> Maurizio Ferrari  wrote:
|> >such a radical change, and I really hope some ARM designer will show up
|> >on this forum and describe us all what the ARM70DT will be like.
|> I was talking to someone working for ARM, and he didn't know anything
|> about it. If there is such a product, it isn't official. Where did you
|> get your information from? Or is it all gossip?
|> Andrew Bolt

I have right in front of me a TI (Texas Instrument) Marketing Dept
fax with all the info I've posted. 
On the front page there is a large and friendly title

		  32 bit
  	     RISC Technology

	Texas Instruments Roadmap

Then on page 2 a picture of the TI and ARM logos and 2 hands shaking
in the midlle of the icons (TI licenses the ARM cells as we all know)
It then goes on describing why users should use the TI C32 MCU. (C32 is
the TI MicroController Unit with th ARM core)

CORE	3V	Addr>128k	Power consumption

C8	Y	N		0.43mA/MHz
C16	N	N		1.0mA/MHz
C32 	Y	Y		0.6mA/MHz (@3V)

ARM7 core performance

48.972 Dhrystones 2.1 or 28 Dhry 2.1 MIPS @ 33 MHz @ 5V
28.860 Dhrystones 2.1 or 17 Dhry 2.1 MIPS @ 20 MHz @ 3V

(from here we see that a 20 MHz, 3V ~30K Dhrystones  ARM7core 
draws only 12 mA! This is something to think about...)

Then follow 3 pages of ARM7DMI block diagrams, ARM7DM core diagram,
register description, Embedded ICE diagram (In Circuit Emul.is vital to 
the success of an embedded controller IMHO and it looks like ARM put
great effort in ensuring this, I think maybe with some dedicated 
silicon on chip) 

2 pages of software development toolkit description follow
(C++ compiler planned 1H95 along with a Windows 3.0 (?) version
debugger and Simulator. H/W Platforms supported are SUN UNIX/PC DOS.
This is a bit sad since developers may have to ability do develop real 
code on a real ARM7DM on a RiscPC should someone develop a ARM7DM
main processor board and others bits to provide an emulation pod
There would be no need for sw instruction emulation!
Acorn and ARM shouldn't overlook this maybe... Think about
providing a RISC PC that is an ARM7DM development system, a RISC OS and
a DOS computer all in one! As an embedded sw designer, I couldn't hope 
for more. I feel such a system would damn impress most embedded systems 
engineers, and its price would be cheaper than most ICEs for other 
competitive processors)

Then, finally, comes the info I've already posted that are too long to 
type in again, so it's not gossip, it's promoted by TI's mktg dept and 
I've posted it in detail.

Disclaimer: It's none of my business to know if the company I work with
will ever use any TI ARMs. I really don't know. I've just come across some
non confidential, promotional literature from TI and I've posted it.

                             Long live Acorn 
                  Name and Address witheld by request.