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LSI Logic adds ARM7 Thumb processor core to design menu

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Richard Bell reports:

The ARM7 Thumb microprocessor core is being offered by LSI Logic as part of its Asic design service.

The company has worked with Advanced Risc Machines (ARM) to re-synthesise the ARM7TDMI core from a high level description. This has allowed LSI to integrate the ARM core into its Asic libraries.

By re-targeted the core to a 0.35Ám process, the clock speed is increased to 55MHz. This should result in a processing performance of 43Mips.

"What we've designed has been developed in conjunction with ARM and has been validated by ARM," said David Lamb, market development manager.

LSI Logic now has the capability to integrate on a single chip the ARM core, serial communications, a DSP and mixed signal blocks such as A/D converters.

Emulex Network Systems, a print server developer, is to be the first user of the core. "Emulex was an existing ARM user," said Lamb. The deal is evidence of LSI Logic's strategy to expanding the use of the ARM core to other markets in addition to communications.

This article first appeared in Electronics Weekly,
Wednesday 10th September 1997