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What it was all about...

The strength of the Acorn Network Computer is now fully established with a series of cyber cafes running in six major shopping centres throughout the next six weeks. The Cyber Cafes, organised and operated by the Ideal Home Roadshow, will be visiting Bracknell, Thurrock Lakeside, Luton, Guildford, Maidstone and Cambridge from May 27th until July 5th 1997.

The roadshow is designed to allow shoppers the chance to browse the Internet under expert tuition and guidance from several Cyber Guide staff. All visitors will be invited to sit down with a free soft drink and be introduced to the Acorn Network Computer and the world wide web.

Each Cafe will be set up for a week at a time and is equipped with 24 Acorn Network Computers. In addition, for consumers who want to understand more about the concept of the network computer, a seminar section is run twice a day at 11am and 1pm.

A list of cyber cafe dates are as follows:-

May 26th - May 31st 1997 Princess Square, Bracknell
June 2nd - June 7th 1997 The Friary Centre, Guildford
June 9th - June 14th 1997 The Chequers centre, Maidstone
June 16th - June 21st 1997 Lakeside Shopping Centre
June 23rd - June 28th 1997 The Arndale Centre, Luton
June 30th - July 5th 1997 The Grafton Centre, Cambridge