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N-Connect - Amstrad NC100 to RISC-OS Link

N-Connect is the most comprehensive system for transferring data between Acorn RISC-OS machines and the Amstrad NC100 Notepad computer.

It makes the NC100 an integral part of your RISC-OS desktop. Documents processed on the NC100 under ProText can be dropped into Impression with styles preserved, and similarly text can be dragged to the NConnect icon to send to the NC100.

For the programmer BASIC programs can be ported to and from the NC100 with the minimum of user intervention, full diagnostics are provided via the DDE throwback system if it is present. N-Connect can also detokenise both forms of BASIC into text.


  • Matches the full NC100 transfer system.
  • Compatible with second serial cards.
  • Automatic listening.
  • Simple, intuitive drag and drop operation.
  • Verified transfer protocol.
  • Automatic file translation
    • Protext to Impression conversion (including styles).
    • NC-BASIC to BBC Basic conversion & vice versa.
    • Detokenisers for both NC100 and BBC Basic V.
  • Intelligent file recognition.
  • Status window.
  • Multitasking during transmit and receive.
  • Suspend option.
  • Full documentation supplied.
  • Runs on RISC-OS 3.1 and later.
N-Connect (previously distributed by SENLAC Computers) is now available direct from the author (Tony Howat) at a reduced price of 14.95. A suitable cable costs 7, wiring details are available on request. Prices include P&P, no VAT to pay. Site licences are negotiable. Official orders are welcome. Cheques payable to "A. Howat".

20-20 Software
12 Dover Road

The above is a Press release from Acorn Computers Ltd., 9/4/96.