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Alcatel selects ARM core as best for ASICs

Alcatel Mietec, the Alcatel Telecom subsidiary, has signed a license agreement with Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (ARM) for the use of the 32 bit ARM RISC processor core. Mietec has opted for the ARM7TDMI version, which offers the Thumb compact program code operating mode that reduces system cost.

Vincent Roland, Marketing Director at Mietec said "We made a study of all possible embedded processors on the market, including MIPS, SPARC, Intel and Motorola and found the ARM to be 20 to 30 per cent better in benchmark tests."

This core is intended for the development of application specific circuits in the 0.5 and 0.35 micron CMOS technologies of Alcatel Mietec, and strengthens its existing portfolio of 8 and 16 bit cores. The Thumb core has been chosen because of its low power consumption, high speed and density, which make it very attractive for use in advanced automotive, industrial and communications applications.

Robin Saxby, ARM CEO and managing director, commented that "Alcatel Mietec will further develop ARM's strength in Europe by applying their mixed signal ASIC skill to battery operated devices such as portable communications products and gas meters as well as to cost sensitive applications like automotive and customer premises telecom equipment."

Editor Notes:

Alcatel Mietec
Alcatel Mietec specialises in the development and production of very large scale digital and mixed signal ASICs for specific markets, and offers all the support necessary to develop the circuits and the associated software.

Alcatel Mietec Spokesperson:
Dave Long, Marketing Manager
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e-mail: da_long@mietec.be

Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (ARM)
ARM designs, licenses and markets high-performance, low-cost, low-power consumption 32-bit RISC processors, peripherals and development tools for embedded control, consumer multi-media, DSP and portable applications. ARM also provides consulting and training. ARM licenses its technology to semiconductor partner companies, who focus on manufacturing, applications and marketing. The versatility of ARM's cores, together with the unparalleled breadth of the partnership's expertise ensures that ARM-based solutions are available to meet almost every customer's processor needs. The ARM semiconductor partners are: Alcatel Mietec, Asahi Kasei Microsystems, Atmel/ES2, Cirrus Logic, Digital Semiconductor, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, LG Semicon, NEC, Oki, Samsung, Sharp, Symbios Logic, Texas Instruments and VLSI Technology. Together they make ARM the world volume embedded RISC standard.
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The above is a Press release from ARM Ltd, 22/2/96