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Lucent Technologies Licenses
Microprocessor Technology from ARM

April 16, 1997

Berkeley Heights, NJ aan Los Gatos, CA -- Lucent Technologies' Microelectronics Group today announced it has licensed microprocessor technology from Advanced RISC Machines (ARM*) for integration with Lucent's Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) library to provide high-performance, system-level integrated circuits.

The agreement will allow Lucent--the world's leading supplier of standard-cell ASICs--to incorporate ARM's high-performance, low-power RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor cores into its broad variety of system-level offerings. Lucent will offer the ARM7TDMI core, a small, power-efficient RISC processor that includes ARM's Thumb* code compression technology, as part of its standard-cell Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) ASIC library. The ARM Thumb core delivers 32-bit RISC performance at 16-bit system costs through efficient use of a second, compressed set of 16-bit instructions, reducing memory use by a third and minimizing overall system cost.

"Lucent is a leading supplier of mixed-signal, low-power signal processing chips," said Dan DiLeo, vice president, wireless and multimedia integrated circuits, Lucent's Microelectronics Group. "Embedding the ARM Thumb core--one of the lowest power, RISC solutions in the world--within Lucent's chips results in a strong combination of offerings for our customers."

The first Lucent products equipped with the ARM microprocessor core will be ASICs used in various signal processing applications such as digital cellular phones and high-speed modems, and will be available in this year's fourth quarter.

"ARM aims to establish its microprocessor core technology as the volume processor of choice by working with world class companies such as Lucent, a leading supplier of signal processing products," said Tim O'Donnell, president of ARM Inc.

Lucent Technologies designs, builds, and delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications systems and software, consumer and business telephone systems and microelectronics components. Bell Laboratories is the research and development arm of Lucent.

Lucent Technologies' Microelectronics Group designs and manufactures integrated circuits, optoelectronic components and power systems for the computer and communications industries. Notable among its product line of integrated circuits are Silicon Suite** offerings. These include integrated packages of high-level ASIC cores, mixed-signal macrocell libraries, standard products, system design tools, and software and services. Product suites in this family include a Silicon Suite for Universal Serial Bus and the Silicon Suite for Fast Ethernet. Future offerings include product portfolios for wireless, communications, multimedia, and mass storage applications. The Microelectronics Group's Web page can be found at www.lucent.com

ARM is the leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property. ARM designs and licenses fast, low cost, power efficient RISC processors, peripherals and "system-chip" solutions for embedded control, consumer/educational multimedia, DSP and portable applications. ARM supports its processor offerings with Development Hardware and Software and contract Design Services. ARM licenses its technology to leading semiconductor, software, and OEM partners worldwide who focus on applications, design and manufacturing. Each partner offers unique ARM-related technologies and services, which together satisfy a broad range of end-user needs. Through this partnering, ARM is rapidly becoming the global volume RISC standard. ARM has offices in Cambridge and Maidenhead, UK; Austin, Texas; Los Gatos, California; Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about ARM, visit the web site at http://www.arm.com.

The above is a Press release from ARM Ltd.