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Oki and ARM Announce License Agreement on 32-Bit Embedded RISC Core

Cambridge UK, January 22, 1996 -- Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd and Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (ARM) today announced the licensing of the ARM7TDMI processor core to Oki.

The ARM7TDMI is an easy to integrate 32-bit RISC processor core with ARM's advanced EmbeddedICE(tm) debug, DSP optimized multiplier and the Thumb extension to reduce system cost. Like all ARM processors the ARM7TDMI delivers industry leading ratios on performance/price and performance/power consumption. Oki judged these versatile features make the ARM core ideal for integration into high performance custom chips and believes the architecture will give customers flexibility to build a wide variety of systems.

OKI will also be able to use and distribute ARM's development tool suite and has options on other existing and future ARM products. ARM licenses complete development capabilities including hardware, software and models. ARM also has strong 3rd party support and has active programs to further it.

Capitalizing on the versatility of the ARM7TDMI, Oki will create and sell custom application specific chips and controllers for car electronics and computer peripherals (including disk drives, CD-ROM drives and printers). Also since Oki is an expert in communications and audiovisual technologies, the company also plans to use the CPU core to develop ASICs for multimedia communications equipment such as mobile phones, PHS, and PDA. ARM's CEO and Managing Director, Robin Saxby, says "Oki brings new expertise to the ARM partnership and opens up new markets to our architecture. Oki will further strengthen our position as the global embedded RISC standard."

Oki's broad peripheral library, flash memories, and submicron process technology, together with ARM's powerful development environment and software support, will allow customers to rapidly develop effective 'system on a chip' solutions in the most cost effective manner. The ARM7TMDI core will be added to Oki's lineup of ASIC MCU (quick cores) alongside 8- and 16-bit controller cores. The new ARM core will be supported in Oki's existing semi-custom design environment, such as cell bases and embedded arrays, as part of the company's enhanced customer services.

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Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (ARM)

ARM designs, licenses and markets high-performance, low-cost, low-power consumption 32-bit RISC processors, peripherals and development tools for embedded control, consumer multi-media, DSP and portable applications. ARM also provides consulting and training. ARM licenses its technology to semiconductor partner companies, who focus on manufacturing, applications and marketing. The versatility of ARM's cores, together with the unparalleled breadth of the partnership's expertise ensures that ARM-based solutions are available to meet almost every customer's processor needs. The ARM semiconductor partners are: Asahi Kasei Microsystems, Atmel/ES2, Cirrus Logic, Digital Semiconductor, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, LG Semicon, NEC, Oki, Samsung, Sharp, Symbios Logic, Texas Instruments and VLSI Technology. Together they make ARM the world volume embedded RISC standard.

Thumb offers 32-bit RISC performance at 16-bit system cost through a "compression" of the ARM instruction set which results in excellent code density. On execution, 16-bit Thumb instructions are "decompressed" transparently on the fly into full 32-bit ARM instructions by the CPU.

To learn more about Advanced RISC Machines and its partners, you can now access ARM through the World Wide Web at http://www.arm.com

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Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1881 and is a worldwide company which manufactures and markets telecommunications systems, information processing systems and electronic devices. Having over 22,000 employees worldwide, its consolidated net sales for fiscal year 1994 ended March 31, 1995 were 657.0 billion yen.

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The above is a Press release from ARM Limited, 23/01/96