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The Electron

The Electron was launched as a low-cost, slightly cut-down version of Acorn's BBC Micro. It could run most of the same software, but had less expansion capability and ran about 1/3 the speed of it's big brother.

  • Processor: 6502A, 1.79MHz
  • 32kB RAM, 64kB ROM
  • Sound: 3 channels + white noise
  • Text display: Maximum 80x32
  • Graphics display: Maximum 640x256, 8 colors
  • Keyboard: Typewriter-style, 56 keys
  • Cassette interface
  • Composite video output
  • TTL RGB port (6 pin DIN)
  • System bus connector
  • RF interface
  • Released: September 1983 at £199

Info taken from http://www.freeflight.com/fms/comp/sys/Acorn.html