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The BBC Micro

The BBC Micro was launched to coincide with a computer literacy drive by the BBC. The machine had possibly one of the best versions of BASIC out of all of the computers at the time and also had good expansion capabilities including networking (Econet), a disc interface, and a second processor.

Model A

  • Processor: 6502A, 2MHz
  • 16k RAM
  • 32k in ROM
  • Sound: 3 channels + noise
  • Text display: 80x32
  • Graphics display: 640x256, 8 colors + flashing
  • Keyboard: Typewriter-style
  • 8-bit parallel port
  • Expansion port
  • Cassette interface
  • RGB socket (6 pin DIN)
  • RF interface
  • Released: 1981 at £299

Model B

As the Model A, with the following changes:
  • 32k RAM
  • Released in 1981 at £399

Model B+

As the Model A, with the following changes:
  • 64k RAM
  • Released in April 1985 at £499

Info taken from http://www.freeflight.com/fms/comp/sys/Acorn.html