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Original song A Time for Us
Original artist Unknown
Filk author Guy L. Steele Jr.

A Time for DWIM

[to be sung to the tune of
A Time for Us
(theme song from Romeo and Juliet)]
A time for DWIM
There'll never be;
No clever code
This losing mode
Can UNDO for me.

This "golden hope"
(To be denied)
Could never
Correctly fix the bugs my programs hide.

A way for bugs
There'll never be
To fix with generality.

So to this DWIM
Let's say farewell;
The crocks therein
Prove it can't win
And ring its knell:

Do What I Mean
Is just a ruse --
It really
Means only: Fix How Teitelman doth Lose!

-- The Great Quux
(with apologies to Rota, Kusik, and Snyder)

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