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Original song Home on the Range
Original artist Unknown
Filk author Unknown

The Data-comm Song

(to the tune of Home on the Range)
from DEC archives

     Oh give me a line which stays up all the time
      and a modem which won't drop a bit
     And nodes, by the peck, which all run up to spec.
      And a telephone linemans' tool kit

             Dee, dee, see em pee
              Pee dee pee 10, see pee you
        (PDP-10, CPU)
             En ess pee, are jay E
        (NSP, RJE)
              En see el, see are see
        (NCL, CRC)
             E eye aye, are ess too 30 too
        (EIA, RS-232)

     We've now got a net, without any sweat
      With routing and route-through to boot
     And, quick as a wink, we've avoided Bisync
      And distributed we can compute

             See, see, eye tee tea
              Ess dee el see, bee ess see
        (SLDC, BSC)
             Ess why en, dee el E
        (SYN, DLE)
              Ess oh H, E tea bee
        (SOH, ETB)
             Ess tee eks, for . too kay H zee
        (ETX, 4.2kHz)

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