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Original song Walk Like an Egyptian
Original artist Bangles
Filk author Brent C.J. Britton

Don't Have a Conniption

by Brent C.J. Britton
Sung to the tune of "Walk Like an Egyptian"
by the Bangles

All the system ops in this place,
They monitor me, just for fun.
If I logon here,
They force me off 'fore my profile runs.

'Cause I have a reputation
For doing things which I shouldn't be,
Like running CHATS,
And bootlegging Lotus-123.

So you see, when they yell at me, I say,
(wayohwayoh, wayohwayoh)
"Don't have a conniption..."

Found how to change all my privs;
I didn't know that I broke a rule.
I forced the op,
I dropped the link, then I purged the spool.

All the sys ops, so sick of me,
They don't let my databases run.
I broke CP,
They had a big fat connip-tion.

When they NOLOG my account, I say
(wayohwayoh, wayohwayoh)
"Don't have a conniption..."

They've hated me since I stored
Inside the real PSW.
We crashed hard you know,
I guess I forgot a bit or two.

If you want to find software cops,
They're hanging out in the software shops.
They kick your pants,
And give the boot to your VMBLOCK.

I ran my Turing Machine;
Another one was assembl'in.
And it crunched all night,
The system op had connip'tions.

To software cops in the software shops, I say
(wayohwayoh, wayohwayoh)
"Don't have a conniption..."
"Don't have a conniption."

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