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Original song Seasons in the Sun
Original artist Terry Jacks
Filk author Alec David Muffett
Intro Here's a little ditty I penned back in 1987 when I was first getting to grips with IP (and killing the machine at the same time). If you don't recognise the words well enough to get the tune, you weren't born... as for pronunciation, pronounce "vi" as "vye" - that way, the song scans properly. No flames, please... The chorus is a wonderful thing to sing in pubs (bars) when you and a group of hackers get together, because it is eminently recognisable, but no-one outside your group will have the foggiest idea what you're on about... [fragment]

Fork()ing on a Sun

Goodbye my shell, it's hard to "vi",
I cannot socket(), even though I try,
Everything keeps going wrong...
It needs a bind() to carry on,
Proc' table's been full for too long.

We had Joy, We had fun,
We were fork()ing on a Sun,
but the joy is all gone,
'til the processes are Done [1].

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