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Original song You'll never work in dis bidness again
Original artist Jimmy Buffett
Filk author Ulrika Bornetun
Intro When DEC changed the Ada interfaces to Motif, I had to "port" our application to the new interfaces - a brainless and tedious job.

I'll never hack in this language again

Knew it before I started
this never ever would work out.
Write in C, cause then you'll be free,
but my boss he had a faith beyond doubt.

So I wrote it in Ada
with extremely much pain
and the checks and conversions
almost drove me insane

I will never, never,
hack in this language again
I will never, ever
hack in this language again.

And then they changed the representations
and the interface to every call.
And then my boss said I would have to port it
even if I'd have to rewrite it all....
He said
You don't have to be that good to
fool around with Ada code,
you just have to know EDT!

I will never, ever
hack in this language again
no I'll never, ever
hack in this language again

Over-using generics
to comply with the style,
I changed constants and type names in every file
all the fault of Ada's type-checking!
I don't give a damn 'bout type-checking!

They seem to want it up there
but I don't care
I'm going back to my C++ friends...

And I'll never ....
I will never ....
No I'll never ....

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