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Original song Painkiller
Original artist Judas Priest
Filk author Bri Bri
Intro well, i was cleaning up my directory, and i found this thing, which i sorta wrote this summer. anyway, here it is, dedicated to one of my "favorite" users of the printer.


He is the Treekiller
This is the Treekiller

Faster than ethernet
Bigger than /usr/dict/words
Found in /etc/printers
Much worse than a thousand nerds

Wielding high the chainsaw
Defend us, true and brave
Why you would never know
Those trees might come back from the grave

With the Amazon in ruins
Never again to rise
You know deep inside we'll all end up fried

He is the Treekiller
This is the Treekiller
Files of megs Treekiller
No toner left, Treekiller

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