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Original song I'm Leaving On A Jetplane
Original artist Chantal Kreviazuk/John Denver
Filk author Jeffrey K. Bray
Intro After a 3 year hiatus from UNIX, I acquired a job that I thought would help me get my feet wet again. Instead, I was appointed their only systems administrator. It was then that I discovered that their DNS was in worse shape than I thought DNS could be in. The servers were badly out of date, and many core programs weren't working properly.

I'm Hacking Up Some CNAME's

All my tags are hacked, my memory's low
An ancient kernel, it's version 4
I'd hate to boot it just to see it fry
But NAMEd is broken, harddrive is worn,
I'm really desperate, (I can blow away KORN)
If I don't get DNS up, pings will die

So list files and delete db's
Might as well d'lete the whole tree
Address it like it's one big single host
I'm hackin' up some CNAME's
Hope I don't have to hack again
Oh boy, I hate this so

There's so many zones that were not found
No SOA (I've looked around)
A named.conf, but that don't mean a thing
I look around; look, a named.boot
Every name I ping; It pings to who?
nslookup won't do a single thing


Now it's time to update the serial
Save the file, it's no big issue
Restart NAMEd and we'll be on our way
Stream about to finally come
Remember when this used to be fun?
Resolved to the wrong host, but what the hey..


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