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Original song I Am The Walrus
Original artist The Beatles
Filk author MaJoC
Intro I-and-I hope I see you again.

I Am The Chorus

   I can see and you can see
           the segment's free so we all speak together
   Feet go from under land on our bums
           see how we slide
   I'm flying.
   Sitting on a spinlock
           for the Breath of Life to come.
   stupid bloody Ether card's
           collision algorithm's backing off too long.
   I am the SegMan (hoo!)
   They are the SegMan (hoo!)
   I am the Chorus,
           goo goo g'chew.
   Mister City Slicker sitting
           fifty little PCs in a row.
   See how they fly like piggies in the sky
           see how they runt.
   I'm frying,
           I'm frying (Hoo ---)
   I'm frying,
           I'm fry ... ing.
   Armies of the whey-faced
           grovel to the shrink-wrapped god.
   Autoparanoia riding for a free-fall
           Boy you made a naughty trade, you let the lemmings drown.
   I am the CheckMan (hoo!)
   They are the CheckMan (hoo!)
   I am the Chorus,
           goo goo me-too.
   Stand before a grant committee
           waiting for the funds.
   If the funds don't come
           you float my soul upon the London Stock Exchange.
   I am the LegMan (Ho young sir)
   They are the LegMan (A man may raise a fortune)
   I am the Chorus,
           goo goo renew g' goo goo renew.
   Waking shakers newly choosing
           do you think the user has a view?
           (hohoho heeheehee hahaha)
   See how they rise like Redskin Surprise,
           see how they dance (hoomph hoomph)
   I'm flying.
           yoking up the PClones' power.
   Elements of thinking, simulated synapse
   Man you should have seen the pseudo-neurons flash-and-go.
   I am the Egghead (hoo!)
   They are the Egghead (hoo!)
   I am the Chorus,
           goo goo guru g' goo goo guru,
           goo goo guru g' goo goo guru guru.

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