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Original song Mr Crowley
Original artist Ozzy Osbourne
Filk author Alan Cox
Intro [Mike Shaver being one of the architects at netscape]

Mr Shaver

Mr Shaver, my netscape is dead
Oh Mr Shaver, it fell on its head
Your Java it seemed to be magic
It ate all my ram for one tool
The speed that it ran was quite tragic
And now it won't start at all

Mr Shaver, oh I thought I was cool
Oh Mr Shaver, now I've broken the tools
Uncovering bugs that were really netscape of course.
Conceived over lunch by the hackers
And then bloated by corporate fools


Mr Shaver, my netscape wont open in 8 megs
Oh Mr Shaver, it is hopeless of course
Handling a page that is basic
I watch my memory fall
Suggest a solution that is drastic
Return me to the lynx I adore
Now all my RAM has been spent
I just don't know where it went
I just don't know
I just don't know where it went

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