poppy's photo album

2nd--5th February 2006
Denmark and the Bootleg Beatles
[The Rutles]
25th--30th August 2005
International Beatle Week 2005
[Banana boat]
17th August 2005
Friday Island
5th June 2005
Twyford Summer Fair & Donkey Derby
[Penny Lane]
15th--17th March 2005
Liverpool, home of The Beatles
[3 Savile Row]
30th January 2005
The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" walk
[Blue plaque]
29th January 2005
The Beatles "In My Life" walk
[Alan, Kate]
11th November 2004
Alan and Kate's wedding
[London Eye]
26th October 2004
London Eye
[Michael McGoldrick]
30th July / 1st August 2004
Cambridge Folk Festival
9th May 2004
Spring Gardening Show
[pirate poppy]
1st--3rd May 2004
24 April 2004
Victoria slouch and trip to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
10th April 2004
30th Birthday party
Other pics from 2003
[Yawning penguin]
8th October 2003
Whipsnade animal park
[Stef and James by Upper Butts]
2nd August 2003
Witches of Chiswick book launch
26th July 2003
Beeblebears' picnic
[Make tea not war]
15th February 2003
Stop the war rally
[Ken Hamm]
Miscellaneous pics from 2002
[The Eden Project]
13th--15th September 2002
ZZ9's Cornwall Mini-Con
4th June 2002
New Forest Otter & Owl Wildlife Park
3rd June 2002
Southern Counties Championship dog show
Pictures from 2001
7th December 2001
31st July 2001
Karting at Sandown Park
[Kingswood Warren]
1st March 2001
Snow at Kingswood Warren
Snapshots of 2000
[Xmas Dinner]
18th December 2000
Internet Services Christmas dinner
[Amanda and Mike]
29th September 2000
Amanda and Mike's wedding
[Nephew Theo]
19th August 2000
Nephew Theo
[Simon and Liz's wedding]
12th August 2000
Simon and Liz's wedding (2, 3, 4)
31st March--3rd April 2000
Long weekend at CenterParcs
[Redhill sunset]
Bits and pieces from 1999
[Simon + Liz's engagement party]
10th July 1999
Simon and Liz's engagement party
[Stuff from 1998]
Various pictures from 1998
[Redhill meet]
27th--29th March 1998
Redhill & Reigate spodmeet
[Stuff from 1997]
Pictures from 1997
[Stuff from 1996]
A few pictures from 1996
[Various Spodmeets]
Various spodmeets from 1995
[Cambridge meet]
2nd--4th September 1994
Cambridge spodmeet
[EH meet]
6th--8th April 1994
The second EH spodmeet
March 1994
The first EH spodmeet

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