Amanda and Mike's wedding

[Wimpole Hall]
Wimpole Hall, Cambridge, where the wedding took place

[Signing the register]
Signing the register

[Posing for photos]
A photo opportunity at the end of the ceremony

[Amanda and Mike]
Now husband and wife!

Drinks reception

[Greeting the guests]
Greeting the guests

[Outside the hall]
With family on the steps of the hall

[In the grounds]
Mingling -- Amanda talks to Kerry and Karen

[Top Table]
The top table at the Magic Roundabout themed wedding breakfast

Amanda and Mike grab a quiet moment to themselves...

[Simon P]
Simon in his kilt


[Andrew, Liz and Simon]
Andrew, Liz and Simon

[First dance]
The first dance

Froggie watches Piers, Andrea and Mike dancing at the ceilidh

l-r: Piers, Mike, Andrea, Amanda

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