Internet Services Christmas dinner 2000

This year our meal was held at Jim Thompson's, Ewell, an impressive oriental restaurant where nearly all of the decor (oriental style wood carvings) is available for sale if you're willing to pay...

[In the bar]
In the bar, waiting for everyone to arrive

[In the bar]
More pre-meal drinking and loitering

[View up the table]
View up the table

[Rock, Milky]
Rock and Milky

Ciaran burns something

[stan, poppy]
Stan and poppy

[Liz, Simon]
Liz and Simon

[Chris S.]
Chris S. burns something

[Declan, Maddy]
Declan and Maddy look shifty

[Damion, Norman, Dickon]
"Did you hear the one about the crab that went to the disco...?"

[Brandon, Molly]
Brandon and Molly wait for the main course

[Erik, Chris S.]
Erik and Chris S.

[Norman, Dickon]
"...and of course, I was really, really drunk..."

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