Dog show

3rd June 2002 -- Andrew and I went to the 3rd day of the Southern Counties Canine Society's Champion dog show to see the toys, terriers and hounds...

Affenpinscher ("monkey dog")

Airedale terriers

A beagle


Bedlington terriers

Bichon Frise

[Shaggy dog]
A big shaggy dog -- unknown breed

Border terrier

[Border 2]
Another Border terrier


[Bull terriers]
Bull terriers

A cairn terrier

Cairn terriers

Wire haired Dachshund

[Jack Russell]
Jack Russell terriers

[King Charles]
King Charles spaniels

Two Norfolk terriers

Another Norfolk terrier

And again...

A Pug

More Pugs

[Rhodesian Ridgeback]
Rhodesian Ridgeback

[Scottish Deerhound]
Scottish Deerhound

Staffordshire Bull terrier

West Highland White terrier

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