Otter & Owl Wildlife Park

4th June 2002 -- Andrew and I went to the New Forest Otter & Owl Wildlife Park...

[Owo otters]
Otters playing with pebbles

Otter looking cute

Otter juggling pebbles

Upside-down otter

Trying to eat pebbles

Otter collecting pebbles

[Otter in the water]

Young otters messing around in the water

[Red fox]
Red fox

[Otters outside]
The otters have just been called by the keeper

[sitting-up otter]
Standing to attention

More otters...

[Snowy owls]
Snowy owls

Deer enjoying their supper

A buzzard

[Wild Boar]
Wild Boar

Wild Boar feeding baby boar

Male boar being lazy

Otter on the rocks

Another otter

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