Stop the war rally

15th Feb 2003 -- I went on the Stop the war rally in London with some friends from ZZ9 and work. Thanks to Doug for the original photos.

Heading off from Charing Cross where we met up, towards the Embankment

[Lots of people]
Between The Strand and the Embankment

[Robert and Leon]
Robert and Leon -- crowds watching from the bridge

[Crowds, banners, horns]
A trader selling horns and whistles

Crossing the Thames

Make tea not war!

[More people]
Approaching Parliament Square

[Robert at the bar]
Robert buying a round at the Westminster Arms where we stopped off for a short rest. A lot of other people had the same idea...

[Paul, Jerry]
Paul and Jerry

[Robert, Hazel]
Robert and Hazel

[Jerry, Doug]
Jerry and Doug (caught in the act of self-photography)

Heading down Whitehall from Parliament Square

[Downing Street]
The crowds are kept well away from Downing Street

The AgX -- where the 1st Thursday London Circle meetings are/were

Doug's mini Father Ted style banner -- "Down with this sort of thing/Careful now"

[Some of our motley crew]
L-R: Paul, Poz, Robert, Jerry?, Ian, poppy, Leon (hiding)

[Meike, Jim, Robert]
We bumped into Meike and Jim and stopped for a chat

[Jim, Robert]
Jim and Robert

The crowd, heading along Haymarket towards Piccadilly Circus. Can you spot Robert?

Walking along Piccadilly -- crowds and banners

[Crowds and banners]
More crowds, more banners

[Bus shelter]
People on a bus shelter

More crowds...

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