Beeblebears' picnic

26th July 2003 -- The annual Beeblebears' picnic, organised by ZZ9, was held this year in St James's Park.

[Dave, Nolly and Tobes]
Dave, Nolly and Tobes

DrPlokta, Helena, Flick, Nina, Rachel, Tony

[Andrew with wine]
Andrew opens a bottle of wine

People picnic in the park

Doug demonstrates the right way to tie up your Beeblebear

[Tobes, Max]
Tobes and Max

A bundle of bears

[Mog, Whang]
Mog and Whang exchange sweet nothings

The Beeblebears have their picnic!

[Robert, Doug, Ian]
Robert, Andrew, Doug, Jim, Ian

Heidi and Robert juggling with Beeblebears

A band play in the bandstand

Matching tees under the trees -- Silas, Doug, Ian, poppy

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