Whipsnade Zoo

8th October 2003 -- Ian and I went to Whipsnade Animal Park. I had a new camera to play with.

One of the wallabies that roam the park freely

This rockhopper was moulting

The penguins wait expectantly for feeding time

Humboldt penguin

The rockhoppers get smaller fish than the humbolds, and steal it from the bucket

Penguins jostle for their food

A brown bear with some fruit

Brown bear

A stork

[White wallaby]
White wallaby


White rhino

As well as the wallabies, these mara roam freely in the park

Pygmy hippo

Grevy's zebra

This drive-through part of the park contained hog, Père David's, axis, skia & fallow deer

Sika deer

I think this is a hog deer

Bactrian camel

Scarlet ibis

King penguins in the observation area

Trying to be arty without kneeling in animal droppings -- conkers

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