Pictures from 2003

The Woking Martian -- a tribute to H G Wells (who lived in Woking and whose book The War of the Worlds was set in and around the town), this sculpture created by artist Michael Condron was unveiled in 1998, 100 years after the book's publication.

The Woking Martian, 18th April

We went to see the West Pier at Brighton to see the damage done in the arson attack of 28th March -- in case the whole thing collapsed and we could never see it again.

The West Pier at Brighton, 19th April

A train passing through Earlswood station on the day I was moving out of my flat (visible on the right)

[Removals van]
Moving house, 13th May

ZZ9ers slouching in Brighton, 14th June

Brighton slouch

Robert, Robert and poppy in a pub in Brighton

[Brighton slouch]
L-R: Reg, Jacqui, Elvis, Stef, Hazel, Jerry,

Mike at the Great British Beer Festival, 7th August

Elvis, Ian and Doug drinking at one of the University of Surrey's students' union bars during ZZ9's Guildford slouch, 9th August

Andrew shows us how very short people lived in Guildford Castle

Swans in Henley-on-Thames, 17th August

Caroline, Damion and Andrew (posing as Laurence Lewellyn-Bowen) at Jon & Nat's wedding reception, 22nd August

[At Jon & Nat's wedding]
Poz, Anthony, Caroline & Damion at Jon & Nat's wedding reception

[Caroline & Damion]
Another wedding -- Caroline & Damion with their bridesmaids, best man and ushers, 7th September

Matthew, Declan, Gavin, Caroline, Damion, Stuart, Ciaran

Andrew, Roady, Subby, Liz, Simon, Poz

Trapeze artists at Caroline & Damion's wedding

I found this tortoiseshell butterfly in my flat, so I put it outside on the pot-plant on my balcony -- 3rd November


[Wasps' nest]
A wasps' nest I removed from my loft, whilst putting down extra insulation -- 11th November

[Wasps' nest]
Wasps' nest

[Damion, Caroline]
Damion and Caroline at the office Christmas Lunch, 19th December

[Christmas lunch]
Clockwise from left: Simon, Damion, Caroline, Jon, Andrew

Planes at White Waltham airfiled, where our Christmas lunch was held

[Jon, Andrew]
Jon and Andrew

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