<plokta.con> Release 3.0

1st--3rd May 2004, plokta.con took place at the Chequers Hotel, Newbury. Sunday night was pirate night.

A barge on the canal

Ian with a dead parrot


David & Ros

[Dr Plokta]
Dr Plokta gets shot

[Dr Plokta]
Dr Plokta

Feòrag with a pirate Cthulu (Charlie Stross behind)

Ang as a Parrot (Steve behind)


Liam really, really not wanting to wear a bandana

[Alice, Fran]
Alice, Fran



Del -- software pirate?


Fiona and pirate bear

pirate poppy

A room full of pirates waiting for the next programme item

I'm sorry I haven't got a leg to stand on -- Chris, Alice, Dr Plokta, Dave, Tony

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