The Beatles "In My Life" walk

29th January 2005. I went on the first of two London Walks guided tours to visit sites with Beatles connections. The tour guide was Richard Porter, author of Guide to the Beatles' London.

[Boston Place]
Boston Place -- this is where hoardes of fans chase the Beatles at the start of A Hard Day's Night and where George tripped and fell.

[Marylebone station]
Just around the corner from Boston Place is Marylebone station -- also seen at the start of AHDN.

[Marylebone station]
Marylebone station.

[Inside Marylebone station]
Inside Marylebone station -- the original entrance to the station (as seen in AHDN) is now a Marks & Spencer food hall. The telephone boxes used by George, John and Ringo are no longer there.

[Inside Marylebone station]
The cafe inside Marylebone station where the Beatles are seen hiding from the fans.

[Westminster Council House]
Westminster Council House/registry office -- where two Beatles weddings took place -- Paul and Linda in 1969, Ringo and Barbara in 1981.

[34 Montagu Square]
34 Montagu Square -- formerly owned by Ringo, lots of Beatles history happened here. Paul had a recording studio in the basement, various people lived there over the years including Jimi Hendrix, John and Yoko were arrested here for possession of cannabis...

[94 Baker Street]
94 Baker Street -- Now a Reed employment agency, this is the building that annoyed the neighbours when it was painted with a rainbow-coloured mural and was the site of The Apple Shop. There is now a blue plaque for John Lennon on the wall.

[Blue plaque]
Blue plaque for John Lennon.

[57 Wimpole Street]
Me outside 57 Wimpole Street, the former home of the Asher family.

[Browning Mews]
Browning Mews -- Paul's escape route from the fans outside 57 Wimpole Street.

[Abbey Road studios]
On the steps of the Abbey Road studios.

[Abbey Road zebra crossing]
Some of the others on the tour photographing me photographing them from the other side of the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

[Abbey Road zebra crossing]
The Abbey Road zebra crossing.

[Abbey Road zebra crossing]
Crossing the crossing.

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