The Beatles "The Magical Mystery Tour" walk

30th January 2005. I went on the another London Walks guided tour to visit sites with Beatles connections. The tour was once again led by Richard Porter, author of Guide to the Beatles' London. Buy the book or go on the tour!

Paul's MPL offices on Soho Square.

Richard Porter telling us about Soho Square.

The Trident studios on St. Anne's Court -- where Hey Jude was recorded, among others.

The gents' toilets in Broadwick Street featured in a sketch with John Lennon on Not only ... but also.

[Carnaby Street]
Carnaby Street -- the heart of 'Swinging London'.

[London Palladium]
The Beatles appeared on Sunday night at the London Palladium in 1963. This was the event reported by the press as being the start of Beatlemania when the fans went mad outside the theatre.

[Argyll Street]
These offices at 5-6 Argyll Street (next to the Palladium) belonged to Brian Epstein and are where John famously told Maureen Cleeve in an interview that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

[3 Savile Row]
3 Savile Row -- former home of the Apple corporation and studios. My visit here was 36 years to the day since the rooftop concert which was to be The Beatles' last ever public performance and was filmed for Let it Be. The Bootleg Beatles did a concert on the rooftop in 1999 to mark the 30th anniversary.

[13 Masons Yard]
13 Masons Yard -- formerly The Scotch of St. James's -- a nightclub where The Beatles (and many other rock stars) hung out and had their own table.

[6 Masons Yard]
6 Masons Yard -- formerly The Indica Gallery, where John first met Yoko.

[Abbey Road studios]
Abbey Road studios

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