Itty Bitty Hittypotamus

In the hot and steamy jungle, beneath the mango tree
Three elephants in underpants were sitting having tea
When one said "Who's that stranger? He isn't one of us
He's just a little itty bitty, hitty bitty potamus
Come to think of it—

Ain't it a pity
He ain't very pretty
He ain't half as pretty us as
Cos he's just an itty bitty, hitty bitty potamus"

So the elephant called the waiter, and said "look here, I say!
Although giraffes are good for laughs, please send that chap away
His manners are disgusting, his habbits far from nice
We can't have tea with itty bitty, hitty bitty potamice
All together fellas—


But a portly female figure came lumbering into view
Of biggest size with tear-stained eyes and a pillar full of blue
And the hitty bitty potamus was very glad she'd come
Because she was his itty bitty, hitty bitty poptamum
With the others singing—


Then an elephant turned and saw her, and cried "I say, look here!
I know that face, it's cousin Grace!", and Grace said loud and clear
"The itty bitty junior has led me quite a dance
He's got much better manners than hus uncles and his eleph-aunts
Very rudely singing—


But a hippopotamother, would never want no other
And beside the high up hippapotamuses, they're very much the same as—us-es!

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