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Various Acorn Press Releases

Last updated 11th Feb 1997

10/2/97 Acorn's Sun Rises in Japan NEW!
10/2/97 Acorn Looks to the Stars With New Galileo Operating System NEW!
10/2/97 Acorn Unveils TV-Centric Technology NEW!
08/10/96 Acorn Adds Character with help from Bitstream
9/4/96 N-Connect - Amstrad NC100 to RISC-OS Link
2/4/96 The First Prototype Risc PC StrongARM Processor Card
13/2/96 Acorn Group and Apple Computers Dedicate Joint Venture to Transform IT in UK Education
8/2/96 Floating Point Support for the Risc PC
7/10/93 The Acorn Assist scheme