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2/5/01 Crumbs. First update in more than three years!
Updated Forthcoming Events page with details of the 2001 Wakefield Show
10/1/98 Added News article, "ARM looks to improve IP relations"
9/1/98 Updated Programming links
16/10/97 Added News article, "Acorn licensing plans cut losses to 1.1m"
7/10/97 Added News article, "Acorn launches fast home NC"
5/10/97 Updated the Forthcoming Events page to include details about Acorn World and the Scottish Acorn Show
10/9/97 Two new documents concerning ARM - 'StrongARM claims 20 wins' and 'LSI Logic adds ARM7 Thumb processor core to design menu'
2/9/97 Updated links pages
19/8/97 New article, Acorn Group signs NetChannel deal, added to the Documents concerning Acorn page
10/8/97 A7000+ Specs added to the Product Info pages
2/8/97 Events section updated to include a review of last month's Acorn Southeast Show
1/8/97 Six more Acorn User Groups added to the Clubs, usergroups and societies page
28/7/97 Updated Freeware/Shareware links page
23/6/97 Many new sites added to the links areas
4/6/97 New great images from Acorn on Tour now in the forthcoming events page! Also updated information about the Acorn Southeast Show. XAUG added to the clubs and user groups section
30/5/97 News about Acorn on Tour added to the forthcoming events page! Updated links area
21/5/97 News from the Wakefield Show added to the events area, and links pages updated
15/5/97 Two new ARM-related documents
14/5/97 New links added in the webzines and businesss sections, and a link to the Oxford Acorn User Group added to the list of clubs and usergroups
14/5/97 Product Information updated to include the old Acorn machines - the Atom, BBC Micro, Electron and Master 128
12/5/97 Additions made to the web and freeware/shareware links pages
6/5/97 Interview with Peter Bondar added to the section of Documents concerning Acorn
28/4/97 Links areas updated
21/4/97 Added a new ARM press release, Updated the links section, and added North West London Computer Club to the list of clubs and user groups
8/4/97 Updated the freeware / shareware applications page
4/4/97 Added extra links on links pages, and updated the forthcoming events page to include information about the Acorn Expo '97
25/3/97 Product Info page updated to include information on the NetStation, Set Top Box, NewsPAD, and the A4 Portable
25/3/97 Links from the freeware / shareware applications page added to QTMPlay, RCS-5.7, Osclid and Roscli, Lottery, and GMEdit; from the games page to Popcorn; and from the webzines page to Risc News
20/3/97 Added Fabis Computing and Mijas Software to the list of Companies and Businesses.
16/3/97 Created several more Links pages to more appropriately categorise the links. Added CanBUG and the Russian ARM Support Group to the list of Clubs and Usergroups
14/3/97 Steve Potts added to the list of Acorn Users on the net
11/3/97 Updated the Links pages and added LEG to the list of Clubs
10/3/97 Updated the Companies and businesses page to include Grasshopper Software and Riscy Bits; and corrected the URL for Spacetech.
10/3/97 Added links to the official Zap homepage, the PseudoMem page, the Risc-OS Multi-threading page and the FreeNet links page from the Web links section.
9/3/97 Link to the Wakefield Acorn Computer Group from the User Groups page.
27/2/97 Details of Acorn World 1997 added to the page of Forthcoming events.
27/2/97 Clubs and Usergroups page updated to include the Arche ACORN User Club.
25/2/97 Glacky's page added to the list of Acorn Users on the net.
21/2/97 Alpha programming added to the page of web links.
19/2/97 Details of the Acorn Southeast Show added to the page of Forthcoming events.
17/2/97 Werewolf Software added to the Acorn companies and businesses page.
11/2/97 Additions made to the Webzines and Users links pages.
11/2/97 Updated Clubs/Usergroups page to include VICBUG
11/2/97 Added new Acorn press releases
10/2/97 Updated the FTP areas page to include many more ftp sites.
10/2/97 Added this page!