Pictures from 2001

[Fiona and Graham's wedding]
Fiona and Graham's wedding, 21st April

[Fiona and Graham's wedding]
Fiona and Graham with Fiona's parents

Clair at Fiona and Graham's wedding

Poz at the Internet Services stand at the BBC R&D open days, 14th May

[DRC stand]
Digital Radio Cameras stand

[SPS stand]
Spectrum Planning Survey stand

[Helicopter in the air]
A helicopter arrives at Kingswood Warren...

[Helicopter on the ground]
...and lands on B-block lawn

The TV detector van on B-block lawn

A view over Ingleton, where I went for a quick break with Glyn, 10th October

Stors Cave, Ingleton

10th November -- Nephew Theo's 2nd birthday party

Christmas day, Nephew Ewan!

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