Cornwall Mini-Con

13th--15th September 2002 -- ZZ9 went to St Austell, Cornwall...

The Magrathean landscape

ZZ9ers go boldly...
L-R: Erica, Zaphod, Jerry, Douglas, Robert, "little"-Liam, Kevin

[The Eden Project]
The domes of the tropical zone of the Eden Project

[Cork bird]
A huge statue made out of corks.

[Leon, Liam]
"Mis-spelled"-Liam (Leon) and "big"-Liam back at the Tor View, where we stayed

[Alan, Erica]
Zaphod and "female"-Liam (Erica)


Group shot, taken just outside of the Par Fowey tunnel (Slartibartfast's route to the centre of Magrathea) (Zoom)
Standing: Jerry, Liam, Hilary, Leon, Robert, Grant, Erica, Douglas, Alan, JonJo
Kneeling: poppy, Simo, Kevin, Liam, Sharon

[In the tunnel]
Walking down the damp, clay-clad tunnel

The far end of the tunnel

[Grant, Liam]
Grant and Liam, having been for a dip in the sea at St Austell bay. No, there was no skinny-dipping this time...

[On the beach]
Everyone admires Grant's original HHGG beach towel

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