Pictures from 2002

[John, Milky]
Juggler and Milky at Ciaran's leaving do, 7th January

[Poz, Damion, Caroline]
Poz, Damion and Caroline

[Simon, Liz]
Simon and Liz

Amanda plays with Minstrel the cat, 20th January

[Barnes Bridge]
The boat race, Barnes Bridge, 30th March

The boat race

Boats on the Thames

[Liz, Nick]
Liz with baby Nick at their Jubilee bbq, 1st June

Rhododendrons near work (Kingswood), 2nd June

[Pub lunch]
Pub lunch at the Fox on the Hill
L-R: PaulB, Alan, Fiona, Maddy, Declan, Andrew, PaulJ, Milky (at the back)

The Beeblebears' picnic in Battersea Park, 27th July

Big thing in Horsham, 5th August

Me paddling in the North Sea -- the coast at the Butt of Lewis, 27th October

Grant sitting on a fence in Lewis

[Poz, Anthony]
Poz and Anthony play with balloons, Hallowe'en party, 2nd November

Rachel, Leon, Erica, Zaphod, Adam

Andrew carves a pumpkin while poppy makes some punch

[John, Sully]
Juggler and Sully -- "It was this big!"

[Ken Hamm]
Ken Hamm at the Rothwell Greyhound

Ducks in a rain-filled satellite dish

Beeb types in the car park in Maidenhead
L-R: Phil Fearnley, Chris Aries, Dickon, Caroline, Andre

Rubber-duck fishing to raise money for Children In Need

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