Witches of Chiswick book launch

2nd August 2003 -- Sproutlore put on a one-day event in Brentford to celebrate the launch of Robert Rankin's new book, The Witches of Chiswick.

[Max, Helena, Wag]
Max, Helena and Wag are the first to arrive at the Brentford Memorial Library

[Doug, Jerry]
Doug and Jerry

Elvis, James B, Robert R, Jim, Michael C and Stef in their finery

Ian taking it easy on "Jim's" bench

Professor Slocombe's house

[Stef and James]
Stef and James B on the Butts Estate

Seaman's Mission

A sign advertising that day's local newspaper

[Group shot]
Everyone outside of the Bricklayer's Arms/Flying Swan

On the bus to Chiswick: James S, Robert N, Hazel, Tobes

Queueing for the signing in Chiswick Waterstones

[Rock Gods]
After the signing Robert Rankin and his band, the Rock Gods, entertained us at the Hole in the Wall in Chiswick

[Rock Gods]
Robert and the Rock Gods, rocking

[The Trick]
Another band -- The Trick

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