30th Birthday party

10th April 2003. We went to the Ben Crouch tavern to celebrate my 30th birthday, which happened a few days previously. Thanks to JamesR, who took all the artier pictures on this page.

[Andrew, Andy]
Andrew and Milky

[Les, Susan]
Les and Susan


[Alan, Erica]
Alan and Erica

[Andre, Tim, Milky]
Andre, Tim, Milky

The ZZ9 contingent: Ian, Jerry, Jonny5, Alan, Erica

Les lives up to his mad-scientist image

[Damion, Caroline]
Damion and Caroline

[Brandon, Milky]
Brandon and Milky


[Brandon, poppy]
Brandon and poppy

Juggler tries to keep away from the solar flare

[poppy, Milky]
poppy spots the photographer; Milky doesn't

[Richard, Becca]
Richard and Becca

[Declan, Andre, Dickon]
Declan, Andre and Dickon

JamesR busy taking cool photos

[Chris, Andrew]
Strawberry and Andrew boogy on down


poppy pops the champagne open


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