Various Spodmeets from 1995

[Nick's party 1994]
This one's actually from June 1994 -- Nick's birthday spodmeet

[Spods at York Castle]
7th May 1995, visiting York castle the morning after the Harrogate Acorn show.

[Human WOO]
29th July, Great Yarmouth -- the human woo!

Later that evening at the Green Dragon... LES self-inverts...

...and so does Froggie

The next day. Froggie and Damion punt, BigBird, poppy and NoseyNick ride

Damion, Nick & Estelle, Prt

Damion & Fluffy fall in!

[Zebedee and poppy]
Zebedee & poppy -- 12th August

[Spods at Leicester Square]
23rd September -- Spods at Leicester Square after Live '95

[Up a tree]
15th October -- another Cambridge spodmeet... up a tree

Damion unicycles and hides from the camera simultaneously

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